Thursday, April 26, 2012

Ordered test execution error when using Test Manager/TFS


You've got TFS 2010 Server installed on a virtual machine and fully prepared for building and running automated tests (Build controller, Test Controller, Test Agent are installed and up&running, Build definition is created within TFS etc.).

You've got a test case which has associated automated ordered test. In Microsoft Test Manager this test case is added to a test plan which is set up for automated test runs (Test settings, Test Environment, Build are defined).

The associated with the test case ordered test file resides in a sub folder within the test project, not under root:


When you run the test case from Test Manager (started on your work station & connected to remote TFS server) you get an 'Error' state (not 'Failed') for the test and the error message says: Cannot find the test ‘XXX’ with storage ‘..\bin\debug\YYY.dll’

The issue is due to Test Agent searching wrong folder for the tests DLL in case ordered test is not under root.


Put the ordered test file under project root and DLL folder will be resolved correctly.