Monday, July 16, 2012

FireFox extension: ScrollUp

I've recently published a very simple but useful (at least it adds much comfort for me) FireFox extension.

The idea is simple and can be found integrated into some sites (, and Opera Mini. Whenever you're reading a page deep down you'd probably want to quickly get to the page top (e.g. while reading Facebook News Feed). Most likely you'll have to use scroll wheel or aim a scroll bar. The easier option is to use a pop-up button (which pops at the right moment) to quickly scroll the page up. That's what the plug-in does.

1. Move mouse pointer to the left and see the button pop up (whenever cursor gets to 200px area the button is showed):

2. Click the button:

3. Have the page scrolled up:

Clicking the button again (which is renamed to "DOWN") will scroll the page back to the position where "UP" was clicked.

Taken into account the simplicity of the plug-in it can be used as a sample of FireFox extension development and DOM manipulation via JavaScript from within an extension.

The plug-in can be downloaded here.
Extension contents can be found here.


  1. Thank you for making this extension available. I use it along with Pentadactyl. This works nice when I want to keep my hands on the mouse and not on the keyboard, mainly when reading lot of opened tabs.

    One question I have is, have you tried making it usable without restarting?

  2. Thank you

    But for me it is more comfortable to have button ot the right, near the scrollbar (my mouse often there)
    please, can you make an option to choose there the button is, left or right?

    1. And one more suggestion

      Please, make the active area right from the coner (need no space between button and window). I always miss the button :) I should look at button to click it.

      Sorry for my english

  3. Thank you for this extension. For the next update, please add an option for custom layout. Up-right, right-down, up-left and left-down.